OMNIDIA Software helps diatoms researchers to manage their inventories derived from water samples and to calculate diatoms indices.

OMNIDIA’s database includes:

  • More than 23 000 diatom species and synonyms, with 800 Genus (frequently updated).
  • 6200 references to publications.

For each diatoms inventory, OMNIDA calculates:

  • 18 diatoms indices
  • 33 ecological statistics

OMNIDIA was originally developed for the French agencies AGENCE DE L’EAU ARTOIS PICARDIE and the Bordeaux IRSTEA to help them manage their huge databases of diatoms in order to calculate water purity indices. It is now used in more than 50 countries and has become a key reference for diatoms research projects.

OMNIDIA data is collected by Michel COSTE, Director of Research at IRSTEA Bordeaux, France.